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With her background in radio and television journalism, Angie Chaplin is frequent guest on television news and talk shows and podcasts. Most popular requested topics include:


SMART Recovery

Mindfulness (especially for non-mindful folks!)

Individual and professional leadership practices

Self-empowered pathways to freedom from alcohol


To inquire about availability or schedule an interview, contact Angie Chaplin.



Featuring Angie Chaplin,
Mindful Leadership as Guest Interviewee
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Articles & Posts

Featuring and/or written by Angie Chaplin, Mindful Leadership

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Fearless - Des Moines Business Record

  • She was told if she didn't stop drinking, she would die. Now she's two years sober, by Emily Kestel

Lead Change Group

  • Mindful Values: Professing Or Practicing? by Angie Chaplin

  • Foxes and Hedgehogs: Which One Are You? by Angie Chaplin

  • Your Leadership Operating System: Ego or Eco? by Angie Chaplin

  • Leading Through Recovery: How Leadership Practices Help Me Stay Sober, by Angie Chaplin

  • I Have No Gifts to Bring, by Angie Chaplin

  • Are You an Aly? by Angie Chaplin

  • Take It Outside: An Outdoor Leadership Challenge Experience, by Angie Chaplin

  • The Unemployed Leader, by Angie Chaplin

  • Why Can't We All Just Get Along? by Angie Chaplin

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