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Grounded in proven practices.

Guided by mindful behavior.

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About Angie Chaplin

Angie Chaplin is known for her inspiring journey of courage and authenticity. A consultant and speaker with a background in communication, marketing, higher education, human resources and organizational development, Angie earned the highest distinction of Certified Master Coach for The Leadership Challenge by internationally bestselling authors, Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner, and she holds certifications in student leadership, behavior analysis, and SMART Recovery. Overcoming severe alcohol use disorder to achieve recognition as an alcohol-free leader, Angie's story exemplifies her values of integrity, curiosity, clarity, connection, and love.


Angie Chaplin is a seasoned keynote speaker and facilitator who is passionate about inspiring people for leadership, mindfulness and alcohol-free living.

Training & Consulting

Angie Chaplin's training and consulting services are tailored to the needs of each individual or organization and designed for lasting impact.  


Mindful Leadership serves as a government contractor for all types of government entities (city, county, state and federal) and educational institutions.


In the Media

Angie Chaplin has been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles and can be heard and seen in various settings, from podcasts to videos. 


Clients of Mindful Leadership

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